Union State Bank

Outside Accounts and My Spending

Make Union State Bank your financial hub for ALL your financial institution accounts. A single login gives you access to your accounts with us and your accounts at other financial institutions. One place to view all of your account balances and most recent transactions – now that’s convenience!  

Manage All Your Accounts

Bank accounts, credit cards, investments, loans, and other personal assets/liabilities from all of your financial institutions can be managed in one place.

My Spending

My Spending will automatically categorize and track spending from all your financial accounts, with the option to add up to 5 personalized categories. This gives you a true representation of where your money is going.

How's My Spending

Provides an overall spending amount calculated from the combined spending categories. Track your spending either weekly or by paycheck. You may also track up to 3 individual categories where you want to watch your spending behavior.

Where Did My Money Go

See a visual breakdown of money in and money out of your accounts as well as a spending breakdown by category.

Adding Outside Accounts

To add an Outside Account to your Online Banking, select "Add Outside Balance" on the Home page. With a few steps through the simple Sync Balance process, your accounts at other financial institutions will display on the Home page along with your accounts with us.