Union State Bank

Check Out the New Online Banking Enhancements

As part of our Online Banking enhancements, we have added two new features, Outside Accounts and My Spending.

With Outside Accounts, your Online Banking Home page now becomes your "home base" for seeing ALL your financial institution accounts , those with us AND accounts you have at other institutions including checking, savings, credit cards, etc. It’s a one stop shop! Just a few steps through the simple Sync Balance process and your accounts at other financial institutions will display on the Home page along with your accounts with us - no separate tab, no constant logins on multiple websites.

With My Spending, you will  be able to quickly set limits on expense categories you want to watch including your overall spending! Automatic categorization of each transaction and clean, understandable transaction descriptions are now available. If you feel the transaction belongs in another category or the description is incorrect, you can change the category or modify the description and the system will learn your preferences over time. Not to worry about any expenses that don’t fit nicely into the new categories as you can still add up to 5 of your own custom categories to meet your specific needs.

We are constantly working to provide you with relevant tools to manage your life. We hope these enhancements allow you to live more and manage finances less!

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