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Union State Bank is a Small Business Administration Certified Lender, and we are pleased the United States Congress has passed the CARES Act, which will empower the SBA and banks to provide much needed aide to business customers during this challenging time.

Congress has given the SBA seven to fifteen days to design the CARES Act guidelines. As soon as those guidelines are released, our bank officers will have immediate access to programs. The guidelines could be released as soon as Friday, April 3.

It is very important business owners secure their information about the CARES Act from either the SBA or their loan officer. Fraudsters have been quick to develop schemes to grab attention with offers to assist, all for the criminal purpose of securing private information. For accurate information, please go to:  www.sba.gov, or contact your Union State Bank loan officer. Bank contact information can be found at: www.unionstatebankfargo.com

Union State Bank has been successfully serving customers during good times and challenging times since 1973. We’re here for you now – and always. Member FDIC